Services-RPZ Valve Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair

RPZ Valve Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair

One of the biggest contamination risks to the water supply is from backflow, which can happen when there is a sudden lowering of water pressure in the plumbing system.This lowering of pressure causes water to flow in the opposite direction and can suck contaminated water, from appliances or industrial processes, back into the drinking water supply.
RPZ valves

A RPZ valve is a unit consisting of two spring loaded check valves and a relief valve positioned to create a reduced pressure zone between the water source and the source of potential contamination.

RPZ valves are an approved method of preventing backflow and backsiphonage for fluid categories up to and including Category 4. For further information on fluid categories and backflow prevention please see our Water Regulations page
They are often a preferred method of backflow prevention as they require less pipework modification and have a smaller space requirement than alternative methods such as break tanks.

All RPZ valves are designed to be repairable by means of replacement check/relief valves. We are fully trained and qualified to be able to carry out these repairs

If your valve is discharging water it may be a sign that there are either pressure variations on the incoming water supply and consequently the valve is functioning as it should, or that the valve is in need of servicing

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